Ultradent BPA awareness

Oct. 11, 2010
Company supports a cautionary stance on the use of BPA in any form.

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah--Ultradent Products supports the campaign for public awareness on exposure to bisphenol A.

Although BPA is widely used in the manufacture of plastic materials and products, the long-term effect of this monomer is still unknown. For this reason, Ultradent has supported a cautionary stance on the use of BPA in any form.

All of Ultradent’s resin-based products, including UltraSeal XT plus (a dental sealant), have been tested for the presence of BPA.

“Ultradent never has and never will use Bisphenol‐A dimethacryalate (BPA) in any of our resin products including our ‘always BPA-free’ dental sealant, UltraSeal XT plus,” said Dr. Dan Fischer, president/CEO of Ultradent Products.

“To ensure that we could offer a product that was free from the impurities of BPA, we used a third-party laboratory to test the material components of UltraSeal XT plus, which resulted in a 0.00000% presence of the BPA or BPA derivatives.”

Dental sealants play an important role in the prevention of tooth decay. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have determined that dental caries is among the most prevalent chronic diseases in young children (ages 5 to 17years).

For this reason, Ultradent will continue its support for the application on dental sealants that are safe and free from BPA.

Ultradent will continue to advocate the study of BPA’s effect on oral health while maintaining the highest standard of evaluation of the materials used in UltraSeal XT plus and other resin-based dental products it manufactures.

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