Great Expressions Dental Centers national doctor panel formed

Oct. 5, 2010
Doctor panel brought together to elevate national standards of care.

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Michigan--Richard Beckman, chief executive officer of Great Expressions Dental Centers, has announced that the various professional corporations managed by GEDC has convened their first national doctor panel.

The panel consists of Dr. Jack Falvo (representing Michigan, Ohio, Connecticut, and Massachusetts), Dr. Robert Brody (representing Florida), Dr. Walter Reid (representing Georgia and Virginia), Dr. John Johnston (founder of Nanston Dental), and Dr. Walter Knysz (founder and Chairman of GEDC).

Beckman stated, "This panel has been brought together to continue the pursuit of clinical excellence and to provide the highest quality experience regardless of city or state that patients visit."

Added Dr. Johnston: "The panel is discussing wide-ranging topics including clinical protocols, sterilization, standards of care, quality assurance, charts and charting, consent forms and many other items that will allow us to be the gold standard in the industry."

According to Dr. Knysz, "Providing our patients uncompromised access to the best dental care has been at the center of our mission since the first day we opened our first dental center."

Vito Dacchille, chief operating officer of GEDC, said: "We hold ourselves to the highest ethics and clinical standards in the industry. Today was a tremendous step toward elevating that goal and setting a foundation for ongoing innovation. Our patients ultimately will continue benefiting from this commitment we are under-aking to embrace latest and greatest protocols and dental advances."

The panel will meet monthly to discuss and share best practices and the latest techniques in dentistry.

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