Zachary Orthodontics announces the return of Dr. Harry White

Oct. 13, 2010
The office is pleased to announce the return of Dr. Harry White, the original founder of the practice, to the team effective immediately

Laguna Niguel, Calif. – Orthodontics treatments at Zachary Orthodontics will now have the expert eyes of two renowned specialists in the field treating its patients. The office is pleased to announce the return of Dr. Harry White, the original founder of the practice, to the team effective immediately.

"Dr. White is a much valued friend and colleague. We are delighted to welcome him back on our team,” said Dr. Christopher Zachary, director of the practice.

Dr. Zachary first met Dr. White at his high school career night back in 1984, when Dr. White gave a presentation about orthodontics. They kept in contact and 14 years later, they joined forces with Dr. Zachary ultimately buying the practice. Drs. Zachary and White practiced together for seven years before Dr. White took an early retirement in 2005 to spend time with his family. Although he enjoyed coaching a number of athletic teams and spending time with his son, his passion for orthodontics remained unchanged.

“It is an honor to return to the practice alongside Dr. Zachary,” said Dr. White. “Orthodontics is gratifying to me because it gives me an opportunity to really help people feel better about their smiles. It is rewarding to talk to people I’ve treated 10, 20, and even 30 years ago and see their smiles and hear what an impact their treatment has made on their lives.”

Looking back on the years they practiced together, one of the key benefits of their partnership was the great efficiency of having both Dr. Zachary and Dr. White look at each case. Both agree that mutual effort is beneficial to the efficiency of the orthodontic treatment and the same approach will be taken with Dr. White’s return.

Each case will be reviewed and treated by both doctors as a team, and they will use their expertise to come up with the most efficient, most comfortable, and best treatment plan possible for each patient to not only correct malocclusions, but also to maintain a beautiful smile that will last them the rest of their lives.

“Dr. Zachary and the team have built a reputation of excellence in the community and I feel privileged for the opportunity to be a part of that,” said Dr. White.

Zachary Orthodontics has been a community leader in Laguna Niguel since 1998. Dr. Zachary, Dr. White, and their staff are dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality orthodontic care.

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