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Dux Dental alginator

Oct. 15, 2010
Modern Alginator has improved form, function, and design.
DUX Dental planned to launch a new version of the Alginator during the 2010 ADA Orlando meeting. The new Alginator combines features from earlier models with modern user-friendly elements yielding an improved alginate and stone mixing machine.The new Alginator has a single mixing speed that takes the work out of mixing. The mixes are consistently smooth and virtually bubble-free creating impressions every time. The Alginator also improves an office’s efficiency by cutting back on mixing time, clean-up, and waste. The new design is sleek, rounded and light, making the Alginator fit operatory counters. Contact a preferred dealer or DUX Dental to order in October 2010. The manufacturer reference number is 25227. In-office demonstrations are available. Visit for a video demo. For more information, visit, by e-mail at [email protected], or call (800) 833-8267. To read more about DUX Dental, go to DUX Dental.To comment on this product, go to