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Oct. 13, 2010
Nuline also partners with a national sales and marketing company.

PARSIPPANY, New Jersey--Nuline Pharmaceuticals, following up on its 2010 launch of REME•SENSE (dipotassium oxalate 3%) TOOTH DESENSITIZER, has expanded its pipeline to include Amerisource Bergen, Cardinal Health, and McKesson Drug.

Nuline also has entered into an agreement with CoreStrength, a dental sales management company, to direct its national sales and marketing efforts. Additionally, Benco Dental is using its sale force to promote REME•SENSE directly to dental professionals, recognizing that more than 40 million Americans experience dentin hypersensitivity.

REME•SENSE offers a new algorithm for dental professionals to treat dentin hypersensitivity in office and through a home use persistence program.

REME•SENSE (dipotassium oxalate 3%) works by reacting with calcium ions in the mouth to form insoluble calcium oxalate crystals. These crystals occlude exposed dentin tubules, thus alleviating hypersensitivity.

Potassium ions are released. Potassium ions have been shown to modify nerve excitability, thus reducing the pain response.

Many of the products presently on the market to treat dentin hypersensitivity mimic the natural processes (remineralization) that occur in the oral cavity. Unless the patient suffers from xerostomia--as a result of head and neck cancer treatment, Sjorgen's disease or some other condition that causes "dry mouth"--these products may be of limited value.

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