AFLAC offers dental coverage

July 13, 2010
Voluntary insurance product delivers valuable benefits to employees at no cost to employer.

COLUMBUS, Georgia--Aflac, a provider of voluntary and guaranteed renewable insurance in the United States, has provided a simple, no direct-cost option for employers to make dental insurance coverage available to employees without network restrictions, deductibles or annual premium reviews.

Addressing a top employer challenge of making competitive benefits available to attract and retain talent, Aflac's dental insurance policy helps meet the needs of employers and employees.

Research shows that dental insurance is a fundamental component of a strong benefits package. In fact, employer interest in dental benefits is on the rise with approximately 62% of employers viewing dental coverage as essential to their benefits package in 2009, compared with only 53% in 2005, according to the National Association of Dental Plans.

By making Aflac available, employers can provide valuable dental benefits to employees at no direct cost to the company and with no administrative burden. Unlike other dental plans, Aflac's voluntary offering means employers do not have to negotiate deductibles, copayments, or provider networks.

"An increasing number of employers are looking at dental insurance as a key factor in a benefits package and Aflac's dental offering helps them provide excellent options for their employees without any direct cost to the company," said Tom Giddens, Aflac's senior vice president and co-director of sales.

"In addition, Aflac's dental product eliminates many of the administrative headaches associated with traditional insurance offerings and lets employers stay focused on running their business. It also helps keep employees productive and feeling secure knowing they have benefits they can rely on."

Aflac dental can help enhance employee benefits offerings with simple, ease of administration. Features include:

No Networks: Policyholders have the freedom to choose any dentist without restriction. This eases the burden for employers and brokers to evaluate or negotiate networks with the insurance provider.

No Deductibles: Many dental plans require deductibles to be met each year. Aflac pays a benefit for any qualifying treatment with no deductibles.

No Annual Premium Reviews: Policy rates do not increase based on utilization or group demographics. Employers can focus time on running the business rather than regularly reviewing and renegotiating the dental plan.

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