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July 26, 2010
Company is featured in Today’s Medical Developments, a publication for the advancements in the medical and dental fields.

MONTREAL, Canada--ProDrive Systems has announced being featured in Today’s Medical Developments, a publication for the advancements in the medical and dental fields.

With a focus on the increasing importance of precision and effectiveness of the dental handpiece, the article explains the benefits of using the ProDrive System, as well as the technology and company behind it.

When examining the air-driven handpiece, ProDrive Systems founder, Dr Derek Turner, knew a few issues needed to be addressed.

“It is very important that the bur runs smoothly and concentrically, dead straight, without any side-to-side vibration,” Turner explained.

"So the entire turbine and bur needed improvements. Now, if we focused just on the turbine and bur, it would mean that dentists could use their existing handpiece and not give up the familiar instrument since all they would be replacing was the turbine, making this a really marketable upgrade from the 1950s technology still in use.”

ProDrive System’s locking turbine and bur design firmly grips the bur for overall performance. When engaged, the patented turbine and triangular bur system prevents slippage of the bur inside the turbine. The benefits to the practitioner include faster and smoother cutting, as well as cut accuracy with reduced bur vibration and heat generated on the tooth.

ProDrive Systems has alignined with some of the industry’s leading development and manufacturing partners. The article makes reference to one such partner, the Austrian-based handpiece manufacturer W&H.

Peter Malata, president of W&H, explained: “The development of the ProDrive product is a step forward in the evolution of handpiece chucking systems for the retention of dental friction grip burs. Combining a positive fixation with a friction grip gives the potential to sustain a higher torque; e.g., a high load can be created when the bur is stopped abruptly, when drilling into a cotton swab. W&H will incorporate the ProDrive system into its turbine range in the future, as we believe there will be a noticeable benefit.”

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