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EverLight honored by AAWD

July 1, 2010
Organization announces that EverLight has been named its Best New Product for Women for 2010.
During the 89th annual meeting of the American Association of Women Dentists in June 2010, meeting attendees were given the opportunity to cast votes for the Fourth Annual Best New Product for Women.The judging was conducted by AAWD members and attendees at the meeting. The judging criteria was based on selecting a product or service that is beneficial to women dentists or their female patients.AAWD has announced that EverLight was named its Best New Product for Women for 2010.EverLight is an alternative to halogen-based operatory lights that provides color-corrected light in a focused pattern.The LED EverLight provides energy-efficient features not possible with traditional halogen lighting. The EverLight encompasses a life of 30,000-plus hours, 10 times longer than halogen. This reduces the need for replacement of lightbulbs. Dental professionals can save on monthly energy expenses sincee the EverLight uses less than 35 watts of energy, which is 70% less than halogen-based systems.The new design of the EverLight is ergonomically equipped with a standard third-axis rotation, allowing positioning for illumination. The EverLight can be installed in six mounting configurations.For more information about EverLight, call 866-DTE-INFO or visit To participate in next year’s contest as an exhibitor/sponsor or meeting attendee, call AAWD headquarters at (800) 920-2293.For more information on the AAWD, log on to read more about the AAWD, go to AAWD.To comment on this subject, go to