OHA joins others in ad geared for Congress

July 21, 2010
Nutrition matters to health and future of America's children, advocates say.

CHICAGO, Illinois—Oral Health America has joined 128 organizations in an advertisement that calls on Congress to pass a comprehensive child nutrition bill this summer.

The ad, organized by Feeding America, appears in Roll Call and CQ Today, both Capitol Hill newspapers.

“With one in four kids at risk of hunger, and one in three obese or overweight, the time for strong action is now,” the ad states. "Our nation’s goals are to end child hunger by 2015 and solve childhood obesity in a generation."

Added Beth Truett, president and CEO, Oral Health America: “Ensuring that children have healthy, nutritious food is vital to their ability to grow, learn, sleep and succeed. Oral health is both a result of good nutrition, and also contributes to children’s health, well-being, and ability to eat healthy foods.”

A copy of the ad can be found at web17.streamhoster.com/ddc/AHA/2010/089-1857_Roll_Call_Ad_HR.PDF.

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