IDEM India 2010 presents new scientific programme

July 19, 2010
Scientific programme disseminates information, contemporary trends, and advances in dental equipments and materials.

The next IDEM India takes place Sept. 9-11, 2010, in the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai.

The scientific programme disseminates information, contemporary trends, and advances in dental equipments and materials. Held concurrently with IDEM India 2010, the programme is tailored to dental professionals and dental traders who want to update their knowledge and skills.

Delegates can attend four key features Sept. 10-11.

The dental practice symposium on the first day offers three sessions that will supply information and hands-on advice on setting up and running a dental practice. From funding, finance and investment, staff selection, over clinic décor, advertisement and marketing, practice management and scheduling, up to inventory management and dental tourism, the symposium gives insights into various fields for young professionals and experienced professionals.

The full-day speciality symposium on the second day offers several sessions on endodontics, implants, prosthodontics, pedodontics, implants, laser, imaging in dentistry, orthodontics, periodontology,
esthetics dentistry, and surgical dentistry.

The keynote speakers will dwell on the scientific background, clinical relevance, and application of specific equipment, materials, instruments and technology in contemporary dentistry. Moreover, a comparision of different brands and available research data is given.

During the trade presentations that will be held both days, leading dental brands and manufacturers of equipment and materials from across the globe will introduce their latest innovations and products.

The student programme the first day features an E-poster competition for undergraduate and postgraduate students from India in dental materials, equipment, or technology. On the second day, an interactive session between foreign universities and Indian dental graduates will discuss job opportunities abroad.

The scientfic programme is supported by, and set up in close coordination with, the IDEM India Advisory Board. The members of the advisory board represent and hold senior positions at various dental associations and institutions in India, and maintain contacts to the Indian dental industry. This includes dental manufacturers and dental professionals.

Via these advisory board members, IDEM India reaches relevant visitor groups and has access to more than 115,000 dental professionals in India.

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