Endodontist releases online multimedia book

April 26, 2010
Dr. Barry Musikant, a leader in endodontic education, has completed book entitled "A Common Sense Approach to Superior and Simplified Endodontics."

SOUTH HACKENSACK, New Jersey--Essential Dental Systems has announcesd introduction of a free online multimedia book by Dr. Barry Musikant entitled "A Common Sense Approach to
Superior and Simplified Endodontics."

Dr. Musikant brings more than 35 years as a practicing endodontist, inventor of endodontic instruments, an endodontic teacher and writer to the reader in a multimedia technique guide. This dental publication addresses the mechanics of endodontics, and helps to close the gaps in endodontic education.

With the online boo, you can view videos, animations, and see instrumentation as Dr. Musikant describes techniques in his words. Chapters include: diagnosis, access, instrumentation, obturation, as well as special endo situations. The book will walk you through simple, common sense techniques, as well as the how and why behind root canal therapy.

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