ATPA 2010 shatters attendance record

April 29, 2010
Focus on dental sleep medicine helps establish attendance mark for ATPA.

ATPA 2010, held March 11-14 at the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa in Las Vegas, Nev., proved to be a success in terms of content and attendance.

An entire day of educational forums and workshops was dedicated to exploring the emerging new frontier of dental sleep medicine. This focus was augmented by the inclusion of hands-on breakfast rounds, a full day of seminars specifically geared to office staff attendees, and a mix of presentational offerings by trend setters in the medical, dental, and marketing fields.

The list of notables included Jeffrey Hoy, DDS (president of the Academy for Sports Dentistry), Walter R. Owens, DDS (president of the National Dental Association), Fred Joyal of 1-800-DENTIST, and radio celebrity Bryan Kvitko, DDS.

Presentations and workshop sessions were the order of the day, and the speakers podium was graced by the presences of experts in their respective fields.

Among the speakers, along with their topics, were Jerald H. Simmons, MD (Sleep and the Pathophysiology of OSA), Ronald Prehn, DDS (OSA, The Missing Link in TMD), Steven R. Olmos, DDS (A Profitable System for TMD and Sleep), medical authority and former executive vice president of Herbalife International Lawrence A. May, MD (A Non-Invasive Method for Treating Sleep), Michael S. Simmons, DMD (Sleep Disordered Breathing), and Rob W. Veis, DDS (Interfacing with the Dental Lab).

“The role of the dentist in addressing sleep disorders is an ever-expanding area of growth in our industry,” explained Dr. Veis, ATG CEO. “Hence our focus and our success. And hence the reason for the expanding role of the Appliance Therapy Group in offering a brand new battery of sleep-related, grow-your-practice CE courses.”

In this category are the Super Sleep Hands-On Seminars for which attendees will receive 16 continuing education credits. Also, included was instruction in custom fabrication of UCLA Herbst, TAP TL, and full-breath solution sleep appliances.

Additional areas covered include case and appliance selection, treatment planning, addressing the “Medicare Dilemma” and private insurance challenges, and unlocking the secrets to successful insurance coding, fees and strategies.

“We’re very excited about these new SMILE Foundation courses offered in conjunction with Dental Sleep Med Solutions,” Dr. Veis said. “And we urge dental professionals to join us on this journey into the newest frontier of dental appliance therapy. It’s going to be a great ride!”

ATPA 2011 is set for March 10-14, 2011 with a full day dedicated to sleep, additional focus on early interception, breakfast rounds with the experts; extended hands-on sessions, and more.

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