Editor's Note for May Proofs e-newsletter

May 10, 2010

By Kevin Henry, editor, Proofs

Hello from Anaheim! I wrapped up the California Dental Association’s spring session on Sunday, then stuck around Anaheim to attend the Speaking Consulting Network meeting and reconnect with some good friends and key authors for Proofs, Dental Economics, and Dental Assisting Digest. There’s nothing better than planning editorial over an In-n-Out burger.

There are times when I love technology (OK, 99% of the time I love technology) … and there are times when I shake my fist at it and call it ugly. Last month was one of those “hate” times in my love/hate relationship with the information-churning beast that is the 21st century.

On the day that the April Proofs e-newsletter was delivered to your inbox, some changes were made to our DentistryIQ.com site that affected two stories. Of course, they were two stories that I thought were very timely and important for you to read.

The first was the Spring 2010 Dental Survey from our friends at RW Baird, Wall Street analysts who teamed up with Dental Economics, a sister publication of Proofs, to survey 213 dentists to assess ongoing dental market trends and expectations regarding dental equipment purchasing intent. There were some interesting findings, and you can see the results BY CLICKING HERE.

The second was an article by Rick Willeford, a good friend to our publications and me. For owners of small businesses and their workers, the recently enacted health reform legislation has some key provisions to pay attention to, he says. You can view the article BY CLICKING HERE.

Those were some of the great articles in April, and I think we have some powerful ones in May as well. John Graham always does a good job with his sales-driven articles, and this month’s is no exception. Check it out BY CLICKING HERE.

Technology is a wonderful thing. No really, I mean that. After all, you’re now reading articles that in the past would’ve taken months to get in front of you. I’ll call that progress, even if it means a glitch or two here and there.

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