Curve Dental founder launches blog

May 24, 2010
New blog documents entrepreneur’s journey regarding dental software.

OREM, Utah--Curve Dental, developers of Web-based dental software has announced the launch of Why I Bleed Orange, the personal blog of Matt Dorey, the company’s founder and managing director.

The blog’s address is

“The purpose of my blog is to provide transparency in our goal to revolutionize dental software,” said Dorey.

“Through my posts, I hope doctors will be able to see deep down inside and understand what I’m doing. As a person, I avoid corporate speak and instead try to deliver the real deal. My journey is an entrepreneurial journey; dentists are small business owners and they may be surprised by how easily they’ll relate to my experiences.”

Dorey’s blog is a personal journal that chronicles his travels, meetings, observations, and discussions with dental professionals.

“I travel all across North America and spend a lot of time in dental practices visiting with doctors and staff,” said Dorey. “I’ve been honored to eat dinner with the family, spend a night in the guest bedroom and experience the dentists’ needs, stuff you won’t get by sending a customer survey every year.”

The title of the blog, Why I Bleed Orange, references Curve Dental’s choice in corporate colors.

Curve Dental plans to launch a company blog that will involve all company employees, include guest writers from key opinion leaders within the dental profession and provide company announcements and news. Every employee will be given the opportunity to contribute to the blog.

The company has a Twitter account and is working on a Facebook page. The company blog and Facebook page are scheduled to launch in June 2010.

Dentists can call (888) 910-4376 or visit for more information.

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