Discus Dental announces new Web site

May 10, 2010
Inspired by customer input, new e-commerce site delivers quick, easy online shopping and learning experience for dental professionals.

CULVER CITY, California--Discus Dental has launched a newly redesigned corporate Web site, highlighting its commitment to quality products and customer support.

The new Web site is the next step for the company as Discus continues to refine its focus on customer loyalty and the ability to meet the diversified needs of dentists, hygienists, and office staff worldwide.

“Our new e-Commerce site offers a dramatically improved user interface, making browsing, researching and buying much easier,” said Jennifer McNally, vice president of global marketing at Discus Dental. “And since it’s launch in February, e-commerce revenue is up over 30% year over year. The time and effort we’ve put into front-end research and planning has really paid off.”

The Web site not only makes purchasing products easier, it also gives doctors and staff in-depth information about products they are considering buying such as educational materials, product images, demonstration videos, DFUs, MSDS, and awards.

Users can navigate the site by product, product category, or by brand since such an extensive portfolio of products is offered. Doctors can also now browse and purchase the entire Smart Endo product line include LSX, EndoVacII, HotTip, HotShot and the supporting products that are helping to reshape the way endodontics is performed in dentistry.

The site can be found at www.discusdental.com. Information on all Discus’ products, services, the company and satellite offices, the management team, and the latest news on Dr. Bill Dorfman’s lectures can be found on the site.

To read more about Discus Dental, go to www.dentistryiq.com/index/display/article-display/4185837620/articles/dentisryiq/products/materials/2010/05/discus-dental_introduces.html.

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