DENTSPLY International donations

May 26, 2010
Donated dental products valued at more than $163,000 made in 2009 to provide dental treatment for underserved children across the country.

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina--DENTSPLY International donated dental products valued at more than $163,000 to National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s Toothfairy in 2009 to provide dental treatment for underserved children across the country.

Twenty-two NCOHF affiliate nonprofit oral health care centers received donated dental products throughout the year from DENTSPLY International. Dontations included prophy paste, as well as fluoride foam, gels, sealants, burs, and other assorted products.

NUPRO NuSolutions Prophy Paste and NUPRO Fluoride products were offered to affiliates in a variety of children's flavors such as peppermint, citrus mint, strawberry, and bubble gum apple.

Christopher Clark, president and COO of DENTSPLY said, “DENTSPLY is proud to serve as a longstanding partner for the NCOHF affiliate network, providing both financial and product support. NCOHF programs for underserved children meet the goals of DENTSPLY’s corporate philanthropy by improving dental prevention, education, and access to care in our most vulnerable children. Only by working together can we eliminate the oral health crisis plaguing our nation.”

Fern Ingber, NCOHF president and CEO commented: “We are very grateful that DENTSPLY has been a dedicated NCOHF underwriting partner since our founding in 2006. The continued generosity of DENTSPLY, through product donations as well as financial and technical support, has played a significant role in our affiliates’ ability to reach more than one million children with prevention, education, and treatment services that give them hope for a pain-free and bright future.”

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