ProDrive Systems receives patent

May 26, 2010
Patent is for locking drive handpiece and bur system.

MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada--ProDrive Systems has announced the U.S. Patent Office has issued Patent No. 7,677,890 for the company's "non-round" dental bur (drill bit) and locking turbine.

When engaged, the patented system prevents rotation of the bur inside the turbine, resulting in greater torque transfer for faster, smoother, more precise cutting. In addition to the U.S. Patent, ProDrive Systems has obtained patents internationally in 37 regions.

For the last 50 years, dentistry has relied on an outdated round-on-round friction grip drill mechanism for high-speed handpieces. ProDrive’s locking turbine and bur design firmly grips the bur for overall performance. The benefits to the practitioner include faster and smoother cutting, as well as cut accuracy with reduced bur vibration and heat generated on the tooth.

* The patented ProDrive System is a turbine upgrade compatible with today's leading brand handpieces (KaVo, Midwest, Sirona, Star Dental, W&H). It allows dentists to continue using their preferred handpiece, yet empowers their instrument.

* Patented ProDrive triangular bur with lengthening feature. In addition to the drive shank, double grooves along the bur enable safe bur lengthening by 3 mm. The locking mechanism ensures bur retention and high performance in both positions.

Richard St. Pierre, CEO, ProDrive Systems, said, "Our company was founded with the objective of improving the performance of high-speed handpieces to increase the quality and efficiency of patient care. We have developed and launched a product that has a powerful impact on dentistry, obtaining our patents in worldwide market is a crucial milestone in positioning ProDrive Systems to become the next standard for handpieces and burs worldwide."

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