Makers of Listerine unveil documercial

May 18, 2010
Production, which is narrated by Neil Patrick Harris, to benefit America's Toothfairy.

MORRIS PLAINS, New Jersey--The makers of LISTERINE Antiseptic have introduced "This Is Your Mouth," a docummercial narrated by actor Neil Patrick Harris.

By blending pop culture with science and humor, this video takes a closer look at the potential effects of rapidly multiplying bacteria in the mouth and illustrates how LISTERINE Antiseptic can destroy the millions of germs that are left behind from brushing alone. Viewers will also explore when the product was first formulated in 1879 and get rare glimpses of retro advertisements.

Each time the documentary is viewed at, a $1 donation will be made to National Children's Oral Health Foundation: America's Toothfairy.

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"I never realized how much goes on 'behind the scenes' in our mouths, and that brushing and flossing alone isn't enough to keep germs at bay," said Harris. "But more importantly, I'm excited that by viewing this documentary on the Web site, donations will be made to National Children's Oral Health Foundation--a very worthwhile organization. Children across the country need to spend more time on the playground and less time with a toothache!"

"Plaque is not a simple matter and there is more to be concerned about than meets the eye. We all need to understand the effects of the plaque biofilm," said Marcelo Araujo, DDS, PhD.

Dr. Araujo is associate director, Scientific & Professional Affairs, Johnson & Johnson Consumer & Personal Products Worldwide, a division of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies.

"This docummercial will educate viewers on the important role that rinsing plays in fighting the plaque biofilm. The four essential oils in LISTERINE Antiseptic are proven to penetrate the biofilm to deliver the deepest clean for the healthiest mouth," Dr. Araujo added.

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