Intro to 'Corporate Dentistry' 2.0: Reexamining opinions

April 7, 2016
Corporate dentistry": It's a contentious term.

"Corporate dentistry": It's a contentious term. What do you think you know about it? Whatever that may be, we hope you'll join us in taking a 360-degree look at "corporate dentistry" and how it's changing the industry as we know it.


We begin our special feature by breaking it down: What is "corporate dentistry," anyway? How do dental support organizations (DSOs) fit in? And what's at stake for private practitioners? Kevin Cain, PhD, MBA, answers these questions and more in our feature opener, "'Corporate dentistry'-defined."


Next, we hear from a dentist and dental hygienist who have lived it: Richard H. Nagelberg, DDS, details his experiences as a DSO-supported dentist, and Lisa C. Wadsworth, RDH, BS, tells of her decision to transition from practicing clinical dental hygiene to a director of hygiene position with a DSO.


In our "DSO Profiles," Benevis, DentalSense, Heartland Dental, and Pacific Dental Services (PDS) chime in to share, in their own words, what they have to offer and what sets them apart. After that, you'll hear directly from some of the people in charge: Catch our exclusive interview with Bob Fontana, CEO of Aspen Dental Management Inc., then read our "Executive Roundtable" piece, which features opinions from R. J. Adolfi, founder and managing director of DentalSense; Tom Nance, CEO of Benevis; and Rick Workman, founder and active executive chairman of Heartland Dental.


We wrap up the feature with an audience forum. We collected roughly 500 printed pages of responses from you in a reader survey conducted a few months ago, and while you won't find all of them here, you will find data and a diverse range of opinions from dentists, dental hygienists, industry professionals, and students.

Enjoy the conversation!