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Larry Clark of Pulpdent Corporation becomes first non-dentist inducted into American Society for Dental Aesthetics

Nov. 16, 2015
Clark recognized for his contributions in research, in product development, and to the dental manufacturing community.

Clark recognized for his contributions in research and product development

WATERTOWN, MA: November 9, 2015 — The American Society for Dental Aesthetics inducted Larry Clark as its first non-dentist, non-dental lab member at the 2015 annual ASDA meeting in Los Angeles. Clark is director of clinical affairs and marketing for Pulpdent Corporation.

Dan Ward, DDS, ASDA Meeting Chair, presented the honor and said, “Larry Clark is our first member from the research, product development, and dental manufacturing community. He sees his role as researcher and educator and seeks to advance the quality of dental care for all of us.”

The American Society for Dental Aesthetics (ASDA) is made up of members who share a lifelong commitment to learning and providing exceptional care. The society’s goal is to constantly improve the industry through the exchange of information on best practices, including innovative techniques and technologies, and other topics that are crucial to providing outstanding patient care.

“My calling is to pass along to others all I learn from dentists and researchers worldwide,” said Clark. “Through education we can increase access to innovative materials and techniques, and our industry can be a driving force for improved dental care and overall health. This should be our mission and our goal.”


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