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American Dental Association announces national launch of ADA Dental Provider Credentialing Service

Sept. 8, 2016
New time-saving site enables dental providers to enter credentials one time and in one place for access by multiple payers. System developed by Wonderbox Technologies.

New time-saving site enables dental providers to enter credentials one time and in one place for access by multiple payers

System developed by Wonderbox Technologies

The American Dental Association (ADA) announced today the national launch of the ADA Credentialing Service. The service enables dentists throughout the United States to enter their credential information into the ADA Credentialing Service one time, where it can then be accessed on-demand by multiple health payers.

The ADA is currently providing use of the ADA Credentialing Service as a free service to all members and non-member dentists (

Using software developed by Wonderbox Technologies, the ADA Credentialing Service represents a significant improvement for both providers and payers over other credentialing options. The ADA Credentialing Service replaces the time-consuming process of filing an application for each payer network the provider wishes to join.

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Payers, hospitals, employers, and third-party administrators will use a separate ADA URL to access the ADA Credentialing Service and download provider information. Using the ADA Credentialing Service eliminates the need to contact and follow up with each provider individually when credentialing dentists, delivering information in minutes that formerly took weeks to obtain.

Data is held in dedicated servers managed by Wonderbox Technologies, the ADA’s webhost, with appropriate security tools and protocols.

“As we worked with both dental providers and payers, the frustration with the credential application process was a recurring theme,” said Craig Kasten, board chairman and founder of Skygen USA, of which Wonderbox Technologies is a business unit.

“The launch of the new ADA Credentialing Service gives dental providers and payers a technology-driven, ‘one and done’ alternative to the tedious, repetitive approach that has been used previously," Kasten continued. “It is a perfect example of how moving from manual processes to cyber benefits saves time, reduces costs, and improves workflows. We are gratified to have had the opportunity to work with the ADA on this initiative and look forward to delivering additional innovations in the future.”

Editor's note: This article represents an edited version of a press release issued by the American Dental Association on September 8, 2016.

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