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IDS 2017: Day 4 wrap-up—prost! (VIDEO)

March 24, 2017
Chris, Pam, and Zac wrap Apex360's 2017 coverage of IDS, the world's largest dental show. Join them at the bar for a Kölsch beer!

Chris, Pam, and Zac wrap up Apex360's 2017 coverage of IDS, the world's largest dental show. Join them at the bar for a Kölsch beer!


An introduction to IDS 2017 (VIDEO)

IDS 2017: Solvay launches Ultaire AKP, a high-performance polymer engineered to replace metal as material of choice for removable partial denture frames (VIDEO)

IDS 2017: Ansell debuts Micro-Touch Denta-Glove line with improvements benefiting dentists and patients (VIDEO)

IDS 2017: Philips leadership announces new partnership, vision for a more connected dental world (VIDEO)


IDS 2017: Day 2 wrap-up—à la mode (VIDEO)

IDS 2017: The health of dental trade fairs—interview with Greater New York Dental Meeting General Chairman Marc Gainor, DMD (VIDEO)

IDS 2017: Hu-Friedy launches EverEdge 2.0 in Europe—interview with Stacie Barth and Anna Pattison, RDH (VIDEO)

IDS 2017: Interview with Ansell's Angus Healy on dental gloves, market trends, and more (VIDEO)


IDS 2017: Day 3 wrap-up—riding the Stadtbahn

IDS 2017: Dentistry's wait for viable 3D printing is over—interview with 3D Systems CEO Vyomesh Joshi and NextDent Managing Director Rik James

IDS 2017: Material mainstay VOCO announces expansion to digital technologies, debuts subgingival digital scanner

IDS 2017: New product extravaganza from Komet

IDS 2017: With a foundation of quality, Hu-Friedy begins work on a community


IDS 2017: Day 4 wrap-up—prost! (VIDEO)

IDS 2017: Plasma—it's the fourth state of matter, and it's here for dentistry (VIDEO)

IDS 2017: Interview with Dr. Markus Heibach, executive director of the Association of German Dental Manufacturers (VIDEO)

IDS 2017: Philips Sonicare, air flosser highlighted in Journal of Clinical Dentistry research studies (VIDEO)

IDS 2017: Real-time Bluetooth technology meets the powered toothbrush—Philips introduces the Sonicare DiamondClean Smart (VIDEO)

IDS 2017: Hu-Friedy showcases innovations in EMS cassette system for sterilization of dental instruments (VIDEO)

IDS 2017: GC introduces MI (Minimally Invasive) Handbook for preventive dentistry and more (VIDEO)

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