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Dentists demand accountability!—3 trends in digital marketing for dental practices [video]

April 25, 2018
Eric Brunell of Prosites tells us what we need to know about software as a service (SaaS), digital marketing ROI, and Google's improved pay-per-click advertising.

Whether you're heavily invested in digital marketing for your dental practice or just getting your feet wet, you'll want to check out my interview with Eric Bunnell, internet marketing advisor for ProSites. At Chicago Midwinter, Eric described to me three important trends he's seeing in digital marketing for dental practices:

  • The evolution of the software as a service (SaaS) model
  • ROI on digital marketing investments (dentists are demanding it)
  • Improvements to Google's pay-per-click advertising

Watch the video to learn more.

Zachary Kulsrud is senior editor of PennWell's dental group. He serves as chief editor of Apex360 and managing editor ofDental Economics, while also managing the editorial group of DentistryIQ and Perio-Implant Advisory. Email him at [email protected] and follow him on Twitter at @zkuls.

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