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June 1, 2009

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Editor’s Note: Proofs and are working together to bring you the latest information in the dental industry. We’ve recently started a relationship that will allow you to comment on Proofs articles on The real-time feedback will be a benefit to not only your industry colleagues, but also to me and the staff at to plan future editorial and gauge the current hot issues. See you online…

The dental community has always been a tight knit group, but with the advent of, it’s growing even closer. With a few keystrokes on your computer, you can ask a question, voice an opinion, learn about a new product, post a video or photo, discover your dream job, or just catch up with co-workers and friends. The online community’s slogan is “know more – earn more.”

Dental Sales Pro (DSP) is an online social networking community created by a dental sales professional. It is the first and only online networking group frequented by manufacturer and dealer representatives, recruiters, industry analysts, employers and job seekers alike. The best part is it’s free, easy, and fun.

Our community recently celebrated its one-year anniversary and we already have more than 2,500 members. The community’s growth has been remarkable, and is quickly becoming the standard for real-time communication about the dental industry. Most members learned about the site through word-of-mouth.

The site was born out of the tremendous need for a communication outlet for the dental sales community. DSP is proudly taking the dental industry into the digital age.

Here is a taste of just some of the discussions at …
  • Road Warrior is the newest section on DSP. You can talk cars, planes, trains, hotels, GPS, passports, and/or Paris (France and Texas). This section is about the true road warriors in our industry.
  • What’s for lunch? How do you handle a lunch and learn? How much do you spend? Have you ever been taken advantage of? Are they productive?
  • Co-travel – Does anyone co-travel anymore? Does this model still work? With dealer reps focusing on house brands and corporate directives, is there room in their car for a manufacturer’s rep?
  • Cologne Blog – Follow Proofs editor Kevin Henry as he recently toured the halls of the IDS in Cologne, Germany.