Contest seeks oldest x-ray machines

Dec. 15, 2005
Winner will receive a Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG 5 digital panoramic x-ray imaging system.

Sirona Dental Systems is celebrating 100 years of innovation in dental x-ray imaging.

The dental equipment manufacturer launched a nationwide contest to locate the oldest x-ray machines currently in operation in the U.S. Dentists can log on to and enter the contest by providing some basic information about their current X-ray equipment.

All entrants become eligible to win a brand new ORTHOPHOS XG 5 digital panoramic imaging system, compliments of Sirona.

"In just a short time, there is a high level of interest in the contest. Many of the contest entries refer to impressively ancient machines," said John Smithson, Director of Marketing - Imaging. "They may not build them like they used to, but in many cases this is a good thing. We are excited to bring the advancements of digital radiography to more practices. Easier,
faster and more flexible technology with less radiation and clearer images is the benefit that Sirona XG systems provide."

The contest began May 1 and concludes Dec. 31. To participate,
dentists need to complete the entry form at or call
(800) 659-5977, ext. 143 for details on how to submit an entry.

Participating dentists must submit make, model and serial number of their x-ray equipment along with their contact information. They will also be contacted by Sirona to submit proof that the unit is currently in operation.

All submissions will be entered in the drawing for the grand prize - a free Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG 5 Pan (Valued at $45,995). The drawing will be held at the Chicago MidWinter Meeting in February 2006.

There will be 5 additional second prizes of $2,500 credit vouchers toward the purchase of a new ORTHOPHOS XG Pan that will be awarded in the drawing. A $2,500 credit voucher toward the purchase of a new ORTHOPHOS XG Pan will be awarded to both the owner of the oldest panoramic unit in operation and the owner of the oldest Intraoral X-ray unit in operation.

"This contest gives one doctor the unheard of chance to go digital at no
cost," said Smithson. "Seven more will get a head start on transforming
their X-ray systems. If we're lucky, we may even uncover some museum pieces in the process!"

The contest marks the 100th anniversary of the Rekord, the first commercially available intraoral X-ray unit, introduced by Sirona's
predecessor RGS/Halske in 1905. RGS/Halske later became Siemens, which in turn became Sirona.

Sirona followed the Rekord with a series of industry firsts, including the first Panoramic imaging unit, the ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH in 1961, and the first digital Pan/Ceph x-ray unit The ORTHOPHOS PLUS DS CEPH in 1996.