SolmeteX gets U.S. Navy contract for mercury disposal

Nov. 1, 2002
The total value of the contract is approximately $2.2 million over four years.

Mercury in discharged amalgam is one of the main culprits behind mercury contamination of our waterways. Searching for a proven and safe solution to the mercury contamination in their dental clinics' wastewater, the United States Navy has determined that Massachusetts company SolmeteX(TM) provides the reliable technology that can handle the problem.

"The objective of this four-year contract is to eradicate mercury waste from 105 Navy dental clinics in the US down to less than 1ppb," states Mark Stone, (DDS, Project Manager - Mercury Abatement Program title) from US Navy. "We are quite pleased to have been selected by the U.S. Navy. They have shown that they are committed to eliminating mercury discharges from their dental clinics." summarizes SolmeteX CEO and Founder, Owen Boyd.

The total value of the contract is approximately $2.2 million over four years.

Several state Dental Associations, including New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Louisiana; have formally endorsed SolmeteX mercury removal technology, according to MacDonald. "SolmeteX technology is also used by Canadian dental offices, particularly in Toronto and Montreal," comments MacDonald, continuing, " Actually, the effect of the Toronto stringent by-law on mercury waste has been spectacular -- in the nine months since the regulation has gone into effect, 40 - 70% reduction of mercury has been achieved!"

SolmeteX is a Massachusetts-based, privately owned company. Their core business is the development and manufacture of specialized technologies for the safe and economical removal of metal and metal complexes from water. In business since 1994, Solmetex holds numerous patents, and has been the recipient of several awards for their efforts in helping companies worldwide reduce contamination.