California Dental Association addresses false statements by environmental group

Dec. 16, 2002
CDA denies claim that amalgam is unsafe to use in a patient's mouth.

In response to a press release issued today by an environmental group regarding a soon-to-be released court decision, the California Dental Association (CDA) denies As You Sow attorney Shawn Khorrami's statements that CDA admitted the tooth restorative material, amalgam is unsafe to use in a dental patient. "The settlement is unrelated to any health effects of amalgam and CDA continues to maintain its position that amalgam is a safe and cost effective material for the restoration of decayed teeth and is not deleterious to a dental patients health," stated Dr. Dennis Kalebjian, President of the CDA.

The California Dental Association contends that Mr. Khorrami's statement is false. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and the Agency for Toxic Substances, in addition to other federal and international health agencies, continue to review and monitor research with regard to amalgam and as of this date have determined that it is safe to use in dental patients.

"The fact that Mr. Khorrami commented about the hearing approaching on Monday, preempts the judge's ruling. Both parties agreed to not discuss this publicly until the Attorney General had an opportunity to rule on this issue. Mr. Khorrami's actions today violated that agreement," said Dr. Kalebjian.