BioCad, Dale Dental join forces

March 6, 2008
Companies to offer U.S. dental laboratories a CAD-CAM solution for implantology.

QUEBEC CITY, Canada--BioCad has announced Dale Dental as the exclusive outsource laboratory with the right to distribute, design, and manufacture BioCad products to laboratories located in the United States.

Dale and BioCad will manufacture implant bars, abutments and other products using an extraordinary combination of high-precision scanning, advanced CAD design tools, industrial robotized machining and state-of-the-art zirconia and titanium materials.

Laboratories located in the U.S. can now send model work to Dale Dental for precision scanning and CAD design. The customer can approve the design through electronic images including cross-sections and prosthetic overlays showing the relationship between the bar or abutment and the final prosthetic to optimize fit and, most importantly, esthetics. Upon approval, the implant bar or abutment is machined, polished and inspected under microscope before shipping.

Screws and attachments are provided and installed at no additional charge whenever applicable. The high quality prosthetic is shipped to the laboratory within a few days after the design approval. Ultimately the laboratory can purchase a CAD design station for additional control and faster delivery. CAD stations come loaded with all available design modules, free updates and online support service.

All implant bars and abutments can be milled to fit almost any brand, type and size of implant including combinations of implant brands and types within the same arch. This broad platform compatibility provides the lab technician and dentist with the ultimate flexibility in implant selection and case design.

BioCad implant bars, including the implant interfaces, are milled from a solid block of Ti6AL 4V medical grade titanium on five-axis, seven ton industrial milling machines for the highest possible precision and quality. BioCad products are never sectioned or welded and are polished to a mirror-finish.

This eliminates porosity, ensures long-term performance and is why every BioCad by Dale implant bar comes with a 15-year warranty against breakage. A unique identification card, complete with the patient name and other tracking information accompanies each case.

"We are very excited about our relationship with Dale Dental," said Jean Robichaud, president of BioCad. "Dale's outstanding expertise in dental esthetics and broad customer base gives every lab, dentist and patient in the U.S. fast and easy access to this revolutionary new technology."

"Dale Dental is proud to add this new CAD/CAM solution to our broad range of products," said Dave Lesh, CDT and president of Dale Dental. "BioCad easy to use CAD software and impressive milling capabilities allows us to offer implant bars, custom abutments and other products of extraordinary quality that meet a true need for our customers focused on precision and esthetics."

Additional information on Dale Dental may be found on the company's Web site at Dale Dental.

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