MTI Dental launches limited edition scaler handpiece

Aug. 21, 2008
Only 500 Tangerine Dream sonic handpieces to be sold.

LAKEWOOD, New Jersey--MTI Dental Products, a leader in dental handpiece manufacturing, has announced the introduction of a Limited Edition scaler handpiece.

The Tangerine Dream ScaleMaster features a tangerine color that will only be available on 500 units. Once this quantity has been sold, no more scaler handpieces in that color will be made. This scaler handpiece features an engraving of the unit's number (1 to 500) and the Tangerine Dream name.

MTI's air-powered scaler handpiece offers power and low noise. It features a lightweight design and connects to two- and four-hole air turbine coupling. This eliminates the need for counter space or extra foot controls.

The sonic scaler has proved to effectively remove hard calculus deposits. It offers efficient sub-gingival and supra-gingival scaling while providing a gentle and fast-cleaning treatment for patients.

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