Darby Dental Supply has full pay deployment program

Aug. 20, 2008
Program is in place for company's National Guard and Reserve member employees to ensure that jobs for these people will be awaiting them when they return from service.

JERICHO, New York--For the past two years, Darby Dental Supply, LLC, a telesales distributor of dental merchandise, has had a full pay deployment rogram in place for its National Guard and Reserve member employees.

The program aims to ensure that the jobs for these people will be awaiting them when they return from service.

The policy was implemented at the request of the Ashkin family, who own the privately held company. Three generations of Ashkins have operated Darby Dental Supply under a core philosophy that employees are part of an extended family and should be treated as such.

According to Darby president Gary Rosenberg, "The Ashkin family and executive management of Darby Dental Supply believe that no employee's family should become financially strapped when their key source of income is deployed to preserve the freedom we often take for granted. We've noticed that our National Guard and Reserve members who return to work after deployment are more focused and less stressed if they don't come home to unpaid bills, uncertain job security, or worse."

"Knowing that my family was able to live the lifestyle they are accustomed to was very important to me," said Memphis resident Antonio Bengco, a U.S. Army reservist who recently returned from being stationed at Fort Irwin, Calif. "The full pay deployment program is one of the best benefits a company can offer in these troubled times."

"We wish our employees were not deployed, and we pray for their safe return," said Rosenberg. "Until then, we'll do our best to ensure their families are provided for. It's the least we can do."

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