Hands-on course teaches dentists how to restore anterior teeth

Aug. 13, 2008
"Restoring Anterior Teeth" course is part of the Dawson Academy's core curriculum and is limited to 20 dentists.

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida--The Dawson Academy wants to teach dentists how to perform anterior restorative procedures at the highest level.

A new two-and-a-half-day hands-on course, "Restoring Anterior Teeth," will be given by John Cranham, DDS, and will take place Oct. 2-4, and Dec. 4-6 at the Mid-Atlantic Center, Chesapeake, Va.

This hands-on course is part of the Dawson Academy's core curriculum and is limited to 20 dentists. The fee is $3,400 per student. Each student will receive 20 continuing education credits after completing the course.

Prior to taking the course, it's strongly recommended that students take the academy's "Functional Occlusion: From TMJ to Smile Design or Achieving Predictable Esthetic Results" lecture.

About the hands-on course
Direct and indirect options for restoring anterior teeth will be discussed in this program. Through PowerPoint, prerecorded patient video and hands-on exercises, each participant will gain mastery with anterior direct resin veneers, stacked and pressed ceramic veneers, pressed ceramic crowns, anterior zirconia crowns-and-bridges, and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns.

Additionally, attending dentists will learn which material should be considered for each individual patient's circumstance. Participants will learn to use digital photographs in conjunction with the mounted diagnostic models to visualize the necessary functional and esthetic changes, and create a diagnostic wax-up. They will learn how to create preparation reduction guides and provisional matrixes to guide them through the preparation appointment.

Special emphasis will be placed on contouring the provisional restoration, and why this is key to long-term functional and esthetic success. Finally, cementation and adhesive options will be understood and discussed in detail so that the proper delivery option is matched with each material.

For more information, contact the academy by calling (800) 952-2178 or visiting Dawson Academy.

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