Crosstex to launch women's cancer initiative

Aug. 6, 2008
Pink with a Purpose program scheduled to debut in August.

HAUPPAUGE, New York--Crosstex, a global manufacturer of infection control and preventative products, will help support the fight against women's cancers with a new "Pink with a Purpose" program that is scheduled for launch in August.

When dental professionals purchase Crosstex Pink products, a portion of the proceeds will go toward funding breast and reproductive cancer research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

"Crosstex has always been interested in helping advance breast and reproductive cancer research, raise awareness and build hope for future generations," stated Andrew Whitehead, vice president of sales and marketing for Crosstex. "This year we've decided to be more aggressive and add our voice to help strengthen the cause. This has meant mobilizing every facet of our company, from manufacturing to sales and distribution, engaging the support of thousands of dental professionals who use our products."

In creating this program, Crosstex has produced dozens of its products in Pink, offering a broad selection while heightening breast and reproductive cancer awareness. Clinicians can select from face masks, skin care lotions, Premium Saliva Ejectors and Patient's Choice products, such as GumNumb Topical Anesthetic, Sparkle Prophy Pastes and Zap Fluorides. All will be displayed in pink.

Several new products were designed for this effort, including the Pink with a Purpose Sterilization Pouch and the Pink with a Purpose Econoback Towel.

"The Pink with a Purpose program transforms ordinary dental products into statements about compassion and support," stated Whitehead. "Seeing these Pink products also makes patients aware that their dental office supports the cause."

Crosstex will also offer promotional incentives to reward dental offices that purchase specified quantities of pink items.

For more information on the Crosstex Pink with a Purpose program and other Crosstex products, call Crosstex International at (888) 276-7783 (toll free), (631) 582-6777 or visit Crosstex.

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