Companies form partnership

Jan. 30, 2008
EDI Health Group establishes partnership with MedCost Benefit Services.

IRVINE, California--EDI Health Group, Inc. has announced establishing a partnership with MedCost Benefit Services, the premier third-party dental health benefits administrator in North and South Carolina. MedCost can now accept dental claims electronically from EHG giving dental providers a method of submitting electronic claims.

"We are very happy to work with MBS", stated Scott Wellwood, Chief Operating Officer at EHG, "and are proud to be one of their chosen vendor partners. Now we can provide our electronic claim services to their dentistry clients in the Carolinas."

"Our system saves time for all parties, allowing dentists to collect more of their claims in a shorter time span, while also saving money for payers like MBS by eliminating paperwork and postage. It also helps reduce the error rate by cutting the number of processing steps," said Wellwood. "This simultaneous time and error reduction means higher earnings for both the dentist and the insurer."

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