Feature-rich Web site launched

Jan. 9, 2008
Site contains nationwide listing of practices for sale, transition advice, and article archives.

NAPLES, Florida--Greg Auerbach, spokesperson for ADS (formerly American Dental Sales), has announced that the company has launched a new user-friendly, full-featured web site at www.ADSTransitions.com.

According to Auerbach, the new site incorporates many features that doctors in all stages of practice will find useful. "From the student just graduating to the doctor preparing for retirement, we've included valuable content for the entire dental community," said Auerbach.

"For instance," continued Auerbach, "let's say a young doctor in upstate New York is looking to make a lifestyle change and move to Florida. He or she can log onto our website and not only find an up-to-date list of practices for sale, but also check out cost-of-living, school systems, weather patterns, demographics, etc. of different cities in the state."

The new site also includes a Practice Valuator, which provides a general idea of how much a particular practice might be worth in any given area of America. Another handy tool built into the ADS Web site is a loan calculator for the practice and the real estate.

Auerbach also said the new site archives nearly 90 well-written articles of interest, many of which have appeared in past issues of Dental Economics.

"We've made the back-end access simple, too," added Auerbach. "The nationwide ADS network is comprised of 23 individual firms and we've made it easy for each broker to maintain their current list of practices for sale."

Auerbach said the new Web site offers the most comprehensive list of dental practices for sale in America.

For the tour, visit ADS.