Pankey Institute announces international program development

Nov. 20, 2008
Dr. Steve Ratcliff, former chairman of the Department of Education, has agreed to support the institute's international liaison activities.

KEY BISCAYNE, Florida--The Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education has announced that Dr. Steve Ratcliff, former chairman of the Department of Education, has agreed to support the institute's international liaison activities.

"We recognize there is much growth and intentional learning occurring within dentistry worldwide," said Tony A. Trujillo, president & CEO of the Pankey Institute. "Dr. Ratcliff will be making presentations before international dental groups, learning about their educational needs and concerns, and strategically helping dentists develop through Pankey study clubs. He'll also be looking at ways to provide some of our curriculum in their countries."

"We've seen transformation occur in the level of care provided in Japan over the last 20 years due to frequent contact with Pankey-trained dentists in Tokyo and Osaka," said Dr. Irwin M. Becker, chairman of the Department of Education.

"We're seeing similar progress in Spain and a burgeoning interest in South Korea. We've had a stream of dentists from the U.K., Continental Europe and Australia throughout our history, but now we are attracting a growing number of dentists from many other parts of the world. We have much to share with them and to learn from them."

Four dentists from the United Kingdom have been added to the Pankey Institute's Visiting Faculty. They are Dr. Raj Alowalia of Kensington, Dr. Andrew Toy of Loughborough, Dr. Yasmin George of Surrey, and Dr. Hap Gill of Surrey.

"The Institute is very proud to have these well known experts who are on the forefront of aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry teaching with us and advising us," said Dr. Becker.

"Dr. Andrew Toy was a lead instructor in the Posterior Restorative Considerations course held at The Pankey Institute in October, and this was the first time in many years that we had an instructor from the U.K. in our classrooms. Students in the course were very enthused by his participation. We are very much looking forward to our U.K.-based faculty teaching here and developing Pankey Institute programs in the U.K."

The Pankey Institute's philosophy of treatment involves concern for the patient's desires and oral health objectives, disclosure of the patient's circumstances and treatment options, discussion of what is "appropriate" from both the patient's and doctor's perspectives, and receiving the patient's informed consent prior to treatment.

The Pankey philosophy also involves a comprehensive, caring approach to the conversations and examination that lead to optimal diagnosis and treatment planning. This approach takes into account the many possible factors involved in the patient's oral health.

Pankey training enables dentists to master requisite skills to achieve the most predictable, long-lasting and healthy dentistry with the finest aesthetic qualities.

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