Demi LED curing light celebrates first birthday

Sept. 11, 2008
The wand-style, ergonomic LED curing light from Kerr's Demetron brand has Periodic Level Shifting technology.

ORANGE, California--Kerr Corporation has announced that the Demi LED Light Curing System, or the "Demi," is 1 year old.

In less than a year since its product launch, the Demi has become a top-selling LED curing light. The July 2008 issue of Clinician's Report states that the Demi had the best combination of performance and handling of all the LED curing lights they tested, with the most positive feedback and highest marks.

"Sales and acceptance have been outstanding, supported by several awards of distinction," Kerr Product Manager Peter Newell said. "Demi is the leading LED curing light in North America and achieved 57% market share just a few months after launch, according to the SDM Report. Sales are more than triple that of the next best-selling branded LED curing light. Happy birthday, Demi!" added Newell.

The Demi, a wand-style, ergonomic LED curing light from Kerr's Demetron brand, has Periodic Level Shifting technology that delivers a five-second cure for universal composite shades A3 and lighter.

With PLS, the Demi pulses from an impressive baseline output of 1,100 mW/cm2 to a peak of 1,330 mW/cm2 for 0.25 of each one-second exposure.

Additional Demi features include multiple time settings, timer mode recall, an eight-minute sleep mode, and a low-battery indicator. Each Demi unit includes an interchangeable Lithium-Ion battery and charger that can charge two batteries simultaneously.

As with all Kerr Demetron brand LED curing lights, a quiet fan and unique thermal control system prevents the Demi unit from overheating and extends the overall life of LEDs.

All Kerr Demetron brand LED curing light guides are compatible with the Demi. The full range of Kerr Demetron brand units, replacement parts and accessories, as well as the full line of Kerr products is available from preferred dental distributors.

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