Occlusal splint therapy course offered

June 26, 2008
Dawson Academy hands-on course to be presented Nov. 20-22 at the University of Florida Seminole Dental Clinic in St. Petersburg, Fla.

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida--The Dawson Academy wants to teach its students how to develop an individualized management plan by understanding the basic concepts of anatomy, physiology, and neuromuscular relationships.

The Dawson Academy will teach this and other concepts in its new hands-on course entitled Occlusal Splint Therapy: Rationale, Indications and Fabrication Workshop.

The 2.5-day course will be presented by Henry Gremillion, DDS, and DeWitt Wilkerson, DMD, and will take place Nov. 20-22 at the University of Florida Seminole Dental Clinic in St. Petersburg.

About the hands-on course
Occlusal splint therapy is one of the most commonly utilized treatment modalities for temporomandibular disorders, yet is often given only minimal consideration in continuing education. Properly designed and carried out, an occlusal orthosis is one of the most important and predictably effective tools available for the management of masticatory muscle and temporomandibular joint pathologic conditions, as well as in cases of nocturnal bruxism, and before, during and after treatment in association with certain restorative cases today.

Because a number of philosophies regarding goals, indications and design exist, occlusal splint therapy is often misunderstood and therefore inadequately used. This hands-on course will review basic concepts of anatomy, physiology and neuromuscular relationships that must be considered in the development of an individualized management plan of which splint therapy is a component. The instructors will discuss individualization of care, troubleshooting, scheduling, fee structures, and insurance codes (medical and dental) so participants will be able to effectively and profitably integrate splint therapy into clinical practice.

The course is $3,400 per student ($995 for a team member). Students completing the course will receive 20 continuing education credits, but the course is limited to 20 students. The Dawson Academy's Functional Occlusion-- From TMJ to Smile Design is a prerequisite.

For more information about the classes, dates, locations, prices and continuing education credits, contact the Dawson Academy by calling (800) 952-2178 or visit Dawson Academy.

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