Sensodyne launches 2008 "Ask Your Dental Professional" Dental Spa program

June 4, 2008
Program will continue its campaign to educate Americans about the importance of good oral care habits and encourage regular visits to the dental office.

PITTSBURGH, Pa.--GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, maker of Sensodyne, has announced the second tour of the "Get the Inside Story. Ask Your Dental Professional" Sensodyne Dental Spa program.

Based on 2007's successful initiative, the Sensodyne Dental Spa program will continue its campaign to educate Americans about the importance of good oral care habits and encourage regular visits to the dental office. This year the Dental Spa will visit fairs and festivals from March to September, reaching an estimated 15 million Americans nationwide.

The Sensodyne Dental Spa is currently touring the country staffed with hygienists from the American Dental Hygienists' Association to provide oral health-care education in a relaxing and fun atmosphere. Research shows that nearly 50 percent of Americans do not seek regular oral health care, and in 2007 only 24 percent of women ages 30-54 visited a dental professional.

Through discussions with an ADHA member, visitors to the Sensodyne Dental Spa have the opportunity to learn more about the importance of dental visits and proper oral health care. In addition, they leave the spa with tools to help them maintain good oral care, including information about dentin hypersensitivity and acid erosion, and samples of Sensodyne and Sensodyne ProNamel toothpastes.

"Dental hygienists serve a vital role as patient educators. We spend much of our time highlighting the importance of regular preventative care," said Juana Prince, RDH, a 2007 participating ADHA hygienist. "Considering that more than 25 percent of Americans avoid visiting their dental professional because of a previous bad experience, the Sensodyne Dental Spa offers another outlet to discuss proper oral care with those who might not otherwise visit a dental office." In 2007, the Dental Spa made 20 stops over 30 weeks, connecting with more than 15 million consumers from Miami to Los Angeles.

The "Ask Your Dental Professional" Dental Spa program demonstrates that good professional oral health care and education can be the result of collaboration between manufacturers, associations and dental professionals--dental hygienists, dentists and assistants. Dental professionals are in a unique position to serve the public through this innovative program.

"Considering nearly 25 percent of Americans believe they only need to go to a dental professional when they are experiencing a problem," said Lori Lukus, Sensodyne associate brand manager, professional marketing. "The Sensodyne Dental Spa provides a much-needed venue to educate Americans in a casual, comfortable environment while discussing the importance of regular dental visits."

The Sensodyne Dental Spa will continue to tour the country through September 2008, concluding at The Big E festival in Springfield, Mass.

2008 Event Schedule
Market Event Name Dates
Miami, FL Calle Ocho 3/16
Miami, FL Dade County Fair 3/27-3/30
Atlanta, GA Atlanta Dogwood Festival 4/4-4/6
San Antonio, TX Fiesta San Antonio 4/18-4/20
Houston, TX Houston International Festival 4/26-4/27
Denver, CO Cinco De Mayo 5/3-5/4
Memphis, TN Memphis in May BBQ 5/15-5/17
Portland, OR Portland Rose Festival 5/29-6/8
San Francisco, CA North Beach Festival 6/14-6/15
Chicago, IL Taste of Chicago 6/27-7/6
Fort Wayne, IN Three Rivers Festival 7/12-7/20
Asheville, NC Bele Chere 7/25-7/27
Philadelphia, PA Musikfest 8/1-8/10
Indianapolis, IN Indiana State Fair 8/15-8/17
Philadelphia, PA Unity Day 8/24
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN Minnesota State Fair 8/29-9/1
Springfield, MA The Big E 9/12-9/19

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