NovaMin Technology provides toothpaste to support outreach program

June 5, 2008
Program provides oral hygiene education for children.

NovaMin Technology, Inc. a Florida-based firm is providing toothpaste to support the Alachua County Organization for Rural Needs Tooth Fairy Outreach Program.

This program served 5,000 children in 2007 by visiting elementary schools, Head Start programs, day care centers and health fairs to provide early oral hygiene education.

"At NovaMin, we want to improve the world's oral health, but we want to go the extra mile in our own backyard," stated Randy Scott, CEO of NovaMin Technology, Inc. "This is a great way to help out this really innovative local program."

Creating good oral hygiene habits at an early age is essential to the healthy development of a child's teeth and gums. Oravive is a non-fluoride paste that contains calcium and phosphorus minerals (NovaMin) to remineralize the tooth surface for protection.

The key to motivating children is to make the lesson fun.

"Our goal is to educate and entertain the children we visit," stated Tooth Fairy Heather Fowler in a recent interview. "We try to capture the children by providing engaging activities such as the toothbrush dance and dental puppet show. Thanks to donations and supporters like you, our program continues to grow!"

The ACORN Clinic located in Brooker, Fla., is a nationally recognized program that provides low-cost dental, medical and social services to low income and underinsured residents in north Central Fla.

NovaMin addresses oral care needs by amplifying the natural biological defenses and repair mechanisms of the oral environment. This results in teeth and gums that look healthier and are healthier.

NovaMin reverses the negative effects that sugary and acidic foods and beverages have on the teeth and provides essential minerals to restore the tooth's surface.

For more information, contact Carol Barnard, NovaMin clincal and public relations coodinator at (386) 418-1551, ext. 124 or via e-mail at Carol Barnard.

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