Daxon, Scott new members of International College of Dentists

Dec. 2, 2008
Two are faculty members at the Dawson Academy.

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida--Two faculty members of the Dawson Academy, Drs. Kimberley D. Daxon and C. Jeff Scott, have been named Fellows of the International College of Dentists.

Drs. Daxon and Scott were inducted into the ICD during a ceremony at the October 2008 American Dental Association meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

"We are extremely proud of Kim and Jeff on being asked to join such a prestigious organization," said Joan Forrest, president and CEO of the Dawson Academy. "Both are excellent dentists and wonderful people who care not only about practicing the best possible dentistry, but providing their patients with the impeccable care."

"I feel incredibly honored to be a part of this distinguished group," Dr. Daxon said. "The ICD is an amazing organization that is known for their contributions to dentistry worldwide."

"Throughout my career I have been inspired by colleagues who are dedicated to not only providing the best care for their patients, but also to staying actively involved in their community," Dr. Scott said. "I'm proud to be a member of an organization dedicated to the sharing of dental knowledge to benefit patients throughout the world, to building relationships with dentists from other countries, and promoting humanitarian efforts."

The ICD is an honorary organization of approximately 10,500 Fellows, 6,300 of which are in the USA section. To be considered for invitation into the organization, candidates must be practicing dentists and maintain membership in the ADA.

ICD members are recognized for their integrity, honesty of purpose, outstanding knowledge of the needs of the profession, strict adherence to the code of ethics and for fairness in disseminating professional knowledge to others.

Members must also have good standing in the community, in the local, state or national dental society, and personal contribution to the advancement of the scientific knowledge of the profession. They must be known for their generosity and their benevolence to their fellow practitioners and patients and for other noble qualities required of a professional person.

Members must also be engaged in practice, or be in the military, Veterans Administration, public health, or other government service or agency. They must also participate in scientific dental research, or be a teacher, writer, editor, or be occupied in any other capacity within the scope of organized dentistry acceptable to the Board of Regents.

Members must have graduated from a recognized dental school at least five years prior, be at least 30 years of age, and must not be connected with a firm or institution engaged in improper exploitation of dental service or the results of dental research.

The Board of Regents has 23 voting members, all of whom must vote on candidates. One no vote stops the process and there will be no invitation to Fellowship.

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