Sesame Communications helps remove barriers to dental technology integrations

July 11, 2008
Development site launched so companies can generate their own extractor code, receive a set of APIs, source code, and test suites, and interact with other developers to solve integration issues.

SEATTLE, Washington--Sesame Communications has opened access to its patient relationship management system to dental software companies that wish to integrate.

The Seattle-based company for online communications in the dental field has launched a development site where other companies can generate their own extractor code by using a simple wizard, receive a set of APIs, source code, and test suites, and interact with other developers to solve complex integration issues. The integration tools conform to strict security standards and are fully HIPAA-compliant.

"Dentists have been limited in their technology choices due to integration restrictions," explained Nikolay Sokratov, vice president of technology at Sesame Communications. "We wanted to create a simple collaborative environment that will remove roadblocks and increase the pace of innovation. Our vision is that this powerful platform will lead to a more standardized approach to dental digital data management and a rich ecosystem that will benefit vendors, doctors, and patients with higher quality products."

Sesame's Product Development team took the industry-first step of opening its platform to keep up with a deluge of requests for integration by doctors and vendors.

It believes that the time and cost involved in building software bridges will be reduced by providing access to detailed information about Sesame's tools. Developers wishing to integrate can send email to Sesame Communications requesting a username and password.

"The Open Access initiative reflects the spirit of Sesame's mission," said CEO Frith Maier. "We have always been about helping dental professionals thrive
by creating online solutions that leverage the value of their patient data and technologies they already use in their practices. This makes connections even easier."

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