PreViser appoints director of medical technology

July 21, 2008
Diagnostics company seeks to branch out from periodontics into medical capabilities.

PreViser Corporation announced on July 21 that Randy R. Nolf, DDS, has been appointed as the company's new director of medical technology.

PreViser offers software that allows dental professionals to analyze patients' current oral health and future risk of oral diseases or problems. The program creates reports that aid in treatment planning and enable patients to more fully participate in their treatment decisions by making their risk and disease status understandable.

PreViser is expanding this same risk assessment analysis into numerous fields of medical science, creating technology that provides decision support for medical professionals and education for patients to increase participation and compliance in their own treatments.

When asked about PreViser's advance into medicine, Dr. Nolf stated, "We're applying important lessons learned from dentists and in dental disease management to other systemic diseases and other types of practice."

The PreViser suite of assessment tools has been translated into four languages and is accessed by dentists in more than 40 countries.

Dr. Nolf was one of the 10 periodontists on the original concept development team leading to PreViser's technology and co-holds the patent. He has maintained a full-time periodontology practice in Stroudsburg, Pa., while playing an advisory role with PreViser.

"Dr. Nolf's innovative and continuing contributions to the field of disease management through computerized, objective risk and disease analysis makes it a logical progression to appoint him as the Director of Medical Technology as we expand beyond dentistry into other disease entities," stated Carl Loeb, CEO of PreViser.

Nolf graduated from Temple University School of Dentistry in 1979, did his post-doctoral specialty training in the Temple Graduate Periodontology Program 1979-1981, and was a clinical surgical instructor 1990-1999 in the Temple Graduate Perio Program. In his own practice, he shows a strong interest in software and technology, and is an active member of many dental associations.

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