ClearChoice Dental Implant Center, Heraeus Kulzer align for implant dentistry

April 28, 2008
For its replacement teeth, ClearChoice has selected Mondial with NanoPearls and Premium tooth line, both manufactured by Heraeus.

ARMONK, New York--ClearChoice, a dental implant treatment facility, and Heraeus Kulzer, Inc., a leader in dental esthetics, has announced an alliance relationship for implant dentistry.

Almost every adult will lose at least one tooth, and many will experience much more significant tooth loss problems as they age. Although the success of modern dentistry in the U.S. has vastly decreased the edentulous rate in each succeeding generation, it is estimated that there are 240 million people in the western world who are missing one or more teeth and at least 40 million of them are fully edentulous. This is according to statistics cited by Nobel Biocare in its 2007 Annual Report.

When tooth loss occurs, implant-based dental restorations are the optimal standard of care for qualified candidates. Surgically placed below the gums, the "traditional dental implant treatment plan" requires several trips to multiple dental offices over the course of many months. The protracted process can be frustrating, time-consuming and costly for many patients, but they endure because they don't want to be inconvenienced with bridges or dentures--the more conventional treatment options.

This is especially true for baby boomers, the most affluent older generation in U.S. history, who want the best when it comes to dental care. Until now, however, there really wasn't another viable implant treatment option for them.

For its replacement teeth, ClearChoice has selected Mondial with NanoPearls and Premium tooth line, both manufactured by Heraeus. The products feature lifelike natural anatomy and morphology.

"Working with partners, such as Heraeus, we're making rapid advances that will enable fundamental advances in the treatment of edentulous patients," said Dr. Mark Adams, director of Prosthodontics at ClearChoice, Denver.

For qualified patients, ClearChoice delivers the all-on-4 technique for restoring a full arch of upper and/or lower teeth. Unlike other approaches that use six, eight, or even more implants--and often involve bone grafting--ClearChoice uses a technique that involves only four specially placed implants--without bone grafts--and has a success rate equal to the more conventional approaches.

The all-on-4 technique was pioneered in Europe and is now FDA-approved in the United States.

"The all-on-4 technique is making it possible to expand the candidate pool for a sizeable population of edentulous patients who previously fell out of the dental treatment system," explained Larry Deutsch, director of marketing for ClearChoice.

"Permanent tooth replacement with dental implants is one of the most important developments in modern dentistry and Heraeus is proud and excited to help bring it to the mainstream with our Mondial and Premium tooth lines," said Christopher Holden,president of Heraeus Kulzer.

For more information on ClearChoice Dental Implant Center, visit ClearChoice Dental Implant Center.

For more information on Heraeus or the Mondial and Premium tooth lines, call (800) 431-1785 or visit Heraeus Kulzer.

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