Handpiece Experts announces supply agreement with DentalEZ group

April 1, 2008
Agreement makes StarDental repair parts available to all Handpiece Experts certified dealers across North America.

MONTREAL, Canada--Handpiece Experts has announced a further expansion of its catalogue to include a full range of StarDental handpiece repair parts.

This supply agreement makes StarDental repair parts available to all Handpiece Experts certified dealers across North America. Parts and price list will be available to certified dealers April 18.

Gordon Hagler, president of DentalEZ, said, "StarDental is an industry leader in handpiece technology and products. Handpiece Experts is excited about becoming an authorized StarDental repair house. In partnership with StarDental, Handpiece Experts will work with their coast-to-coast network of dealers to promote the obvious benefits and value of maintaining Star handpieces with original factory components. This relationship will ensure our customers continue to experience Star's unique performance benefits for the full life of the handpiece."

Jean Castonguay, president and CEO of Handpiece Experts, said, "Our research with Strategic Dental Marketing has shown that approximately 70 percent of handpieces with expired warranties are serviced by independent repair shops, and not the original manufacturer. This easily represents the largest share of the overall handpiece repair market. Yet, because these independent repair technicians do not have access to original manufacturer parts, most repairs use non-original, after-market handpiece repair components. Regrettably, if a repaired handpiece suffers a failure, doctors tend to associate this failure with the handpiece brand regardless of the parts used in its repair. Handpiece Experts provides independent repair technicians with original manufacturer repair parts necessary to maintain handpieces and prolong the positive experience a dentist has with his handpiece brand of choice. Finally, Handpiece Experts provides leading brands with access to the largest segment of the repair market representing an enormous post-warranty parts sales opportunity."

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