Catalyst Institute launches national program

May 1, 2008
Program will expand access to Safety Net Solutions oral health care.

BOSTON, Masachusetts--The Catalyst Institute has launched the national expansion of Safety Net Solutions.

Safety Net is a program designed to expand access to oral health care by providing technical assistance to dental safety net providers. The program seeks to transform the hundreds of struggling oral health programs at community health centers and clinincs into financially viable programs so that they are not only preserved as a resource but also have the ability to expand.

"Safety Net Solutions' focus is a critically needed resource for providing dental care to underserved populations," Mark Doherty, project director, said. "These safety net dental programs are essential to meeting the oral health needs of the uninsured and those on Medicaid. In today's challenging reimbursement environment, most safety net dental programs sturggle to achieve sustainability. There is no question that safety net dental progrmas provide high-quality clinical care to our nation's most vulnerable residents; however, without a strong balance between mission-focused care and strong business practices, the sustainability of safety net dental practices is in jeopardy."

Safety Net Solutions seeks to stabilize dental programs with a thorough audit of business and dental practice systems and operations. Safety Net Solutions provides dental programs with a range of potential strategies they can adopt to enhance efficiency, effectiveness and financial sustainability with the ultimate goal of enabling programs to reach more patients.

Doherty and his team are recruiting expert advisors from across the United States who will expand the score and reach of Safety Net Solutions in the next three years.

"Safety Net Solutions helped us to better understand our providers, our productivity, and to monitor our practice," said Lisa Levine, COO, Dorchester House Multi-Service Center. "They really gave us a tool kit. It really helps us to maximize both revenue and patient access. Safety Net Solutions offers the kind of expertise that few centers have in-house."

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