KODAK 9000C 3D system provides low-dose, space-saving three-in-one solution

May 14, 2008
System provides panoramic, cephalometric and localized 3D imaging.

DENVER, Colorado--The new KODAK 9000C 3D Extraoral Imaging System
enables orthodontic professionals to obtain low-dose, high-resolution, three-dimensional images, as well as panoramic and cephalometric images, at an affordable price.

Featuring a user-friendly space-saving design and a full cranial lateral format, the system provides a broad range of image formats.

"One-shot" cephalometric technology maximizes productivity and image quality with image acquisition taking less than one second. Additionally, panoramic image quality is optimized for the jaw morphology of the patient with the new variable focal trough feature.

The unique three-in-one system offers the ability to capture a localized field of view 3D image, which can be limited to an impacted cuspid area, the roots of upper centrals or a temporomandibular joint area. Benefits include less radiation, high image quality and elimination of the need to capture and interpret unnecessary information. Orthodontists can use the system in cases such as micro-implants, wisdom teeth or impacted canines, and identification of mesiodens, just to name a few.

The KODAK 9000C system requires 20% less space than its predecessor, the
KODAK 8000C Panoramic and Cephalometric System. This is due to a 16-inch
reduction in the length of the cephalometric module, reducing the need for room modifications.

Thanks to its motorized collimator, the KODAK 9000C System offers a broad range of cephalometric formats. It suits orthodontic tracing needs, from the full skull (12"x12"), to standard (8"x10") and small field for lower dose exposures. Furthermore, the system generates lateral, frontal and submento-vertex images with constant reproducibility.

"The KODAK 9000C 3D system can be considered a new category of imaging
system, providing the advantages of high-resolution, low-dose localized volume 3D imaging at an affordable price," said Dr. David Gane, vice president of imaging at PracticeWorks, Inc. "It is also a fully functional digital panoramic and cephalometric system that permits careful selection of regions of interest where high resolution 3D imaging will improve patient diagnosis and treatment."

Easy-to-use, localized 3D imaging means better on-site care
Having highly detailed, true-to-life 3D images helps orthodontic professionals provide quicker and more accurate diagnoses, improved treatment planning and better patient care. The added third dimension allows professionals to view and analyze root position or poor root development, conduct bone loss screenings, and evaluate ectopic eruptions and intrusions.

Precise localization of impacted canines is also made possible by 3D imaging. Multiple slices allow the clinician to view impactions from various angles to best determine the method of treatment.

The system's localized field of view limits irradiation of the patient and reconstructs an area of approximately two to three teeth in extraordinary detail, resulting in increased image accuracy and more detail per tooth. The voxel (VOlume piXEL), which represents a quantity of 3D data similar to a pixel representation in 2D data, features an edge size (or minimum slice thickness) of 0.076mm--providing 3D images that are among the highest resolution in the industry.

Affordable three-in-one solution maximizes ROI
Panoramic and cephalometric images are typically a first step in many orthodontic examinations and treatments, given their global perspective of the jaws, teeth and related anatomy. The KODAK 9000C 3D System provides high-end panoramic and full cranial cephalometric imaging capabilities with a variety of different patient settings.

The variable focal trough optimizes image quality over a range of jaw sizes. To switch between panoramic, cephalometric and 3D modes, users simply select the program and the unit automatically switches between 3D and panoramic modes--without any manual interaction with the sensor. This eliminates the possibility of sensor dropping. The power and utility of an easy-to-use, three-in-one system optimizes return on investment as well as patient education and practice marketing possibilities.

The KODAK 9000C 3D System will have limited availability during the summer of this year. For more information on pricing and availability, as well as complete
description of system features and benefits, contact a sales representative at
(800) 944-6365.

For more information, contact your PracticeWorks representative, call (800) 944-6365 or visit Kodak Dental.

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