OrthoSynetics goes green

May 29, 2008
Orthodontic/dental practice management company launches effort to encourage energy conservation, reduce costs.

METAIRIE, Louisiana--OrthoSynetics, a provider of business services to orthodontic and dental practices worldwide, has launched OSI Goes Green.

The effort is to encourage energy conservation at its corporate headquarters and the more than 300 practices it serves nationwide.

"This effort will allow us to help both the environment and our company's bottom line by encouraging simple improvements that consume less energy and save us money," said Chris Roussos, president and CEO of OrthoSynetics. "We want to demonstrate that being 'green' is simple, it's cost-effective, and it's part of being a good corporate partner within the communities we serve."

The foundation of the campaign is a new Web site at OSI Goes Green that provides "green tips" to its employees while allowing them to submit ideas on how the company can improve its environmental stewardship.

The "Go Green" effort is part of OrthoSynetics Community Relations Committee. The effort was spurred, in part, on the suggestion of one company employee who noticed the large quantities of Styrofoam cups being used in the lunch room of the corporate headquarters.

Thanks to this suggestion, the company has provided each employee with reusable, biodegradable cups made of renewable U.S. Corn Plastic. While being environmentally sound, this new practice will also save the company money by cutting down on the company's recurring costs for Styrofoam cups.

"We want our team members to know that these types of ideas are welcome and encouraged here at OrthoSynetics," said Roussos. "It is just one of the efforts of our community relations committee to utilize the time, talent and resources of our team to help strengthen and improve our communities."

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