Technolgy4Medicine and A.R.C. announce FDA clearances for FOX Dental Lasers

Feb. 28, 2008
New and advanced FOX lasers being offered in the broadest range of wavelengths available ito meet the specific clinical needs of the U.S. dental and hygiene community.

SAN CLEMENTE, California--Technology4Medicine, a provider of lasers and other advanced high technology products for the dental, medical, veterinary and physiotherapy markets, and A.R.C. Laser GmbH, a world leader in producing high quality medical lasers, has announced the FDA has granted clearances for the FOX diode dental lasers.

Technology4Medicine, in partnership with A.R.C., is offering the new and advanced FOX lasers in the broadest range of wavelengths available including 810nm, 980nm or 1064nm to meet the specific clinical needs of the U.S. dental and hygiene community.

"We are committed to providing dentists with products and services that will enhance their practices. These important new products encompass the latest technology and will give them what they need and want in their practices. The addition of these versatile, highly reliable and cost effective diode lasers to our product line will establish our Lasers4Dentistry division as a leader in dental lasers and will complement additional laser and technology products to be introduced into dentistry later this year," commented Jeffrey W. Jones, Technology4Medicine CEO.

"Hundreds of FOX lasers are in use in dental offices around the world and have proven to be very reliable and important clinical tools for dentists and hygienists. We worked closely with A.R.C. to bring to the U.S. market what we believe to be the ultimate diode dental lasers," commented Keith Bateman, Technology4Medicine President. "These lasers are a very versatile, clinically efficient, reliable and cost effective line of soft tissue and hygiene lasers. FOX lasers are sophisticated and incorporate German precision, quality and attention to detail."

In addition to the compact size, ergonomic configuration and cost effectiveness of the FOX dental lasers, they offer several advanced features including:

* Most extensive range of wavelength options to meet the specific clinical needs of dentists and hygienists;
* Available in 810nm, 980nm or 1064nm;
* Continuous and precise variable pulsed modes;
* Unlimited pulse duration and pulse interval settings to match clinical requirements and maximize patient comfort;
* Battery or plug in operation;
* Small size and light weight for maximum portability and convenience;
* High-power and clinically effective output, up to 9 watts;
* Easy-to-use patented Quick Connect ceramic fiber coupling system;

* Technologically advanced fibers with industry lowest cost per patient and improved ROI
* 200, 300 and 600 micron fibers to match clinical needs
* Wide range of clinical accessories
* Parallel and focused ergonomic handpieces
* Sophisticated and easy-to-use control panel

The FOX dental lasers utilize A.R.C technology, tested and proven since 1996 with thousands of laser systems installed. They are ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485:2001 certified.

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