Dawson Academy, Henry Schein announce educational initiative

Feb. 26, 2008
Initiative is a new strategic alliance designed to enhance ongoing dental education across the country.

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida--The Dawson Academy and Henry Schein, Inc., a distributor of health-care products and services to office-based practitioners in the combined North American and European markets, has announced the formation of the Dawson Schein Educational Initiative.

The initiative is a new strategic alliance designed to enhance ongoing dental education across the country.

The announcement of the Initiative was made in Chicago during the Midwinter Dental Meeting.

Founded on the organizations' shared belief in the importance of continuous learning, the initiative will help support the tremendous advances in technology with a sound clinical philosophy.

"The true powers of the technologies that continue to impact dentistry can only be realized when integrated with a thorough foundation of sound clinical principles," said Dr. Peter Dawson. "The basis of our Academy's teachings is diagnosis. Today, we have the most advanced methods for diagnosis and treatment in the history of dentistry, and I believe it is more important than ever for dentists to be physicians of the masticatory system. This is why we are so excited about this alliance with Henry Schein and their commitment to dental education."

Lee Culp, CDT, the academy's director of innovation and technology said, "The new, emerging dental technologies will change the way we diagnose, communicate and deliver contemporary treatment to our patients. Together, the Dawson Academy and Henry Schein have the abilities and resources needed to disseminate the necessary education to dental professionals worldwide."

"At Henry Schein, we are committed to supporting our dental customers in every aspect of their practice," said Tim Sullivan, president of Henry Schein Dental. "We strive to offer innovative new solutions to dentists and believe that the Dawson Schein Educational Initiative certainly meets those criteria. The technology tools that are revolutionizing the practice of dentistry will only realize their full potential when dental team members have knowledge based on a solid clinical foundation. By striking the right balance between state-of-the-art technology and clinical application, we are helping to ensure the health of dentistry for years to come."

Beginning in the fall of 2008, Dawson Schein co-sponsored educational events will be offered in various locations around the United States. The initial one-day events, "Foundations for Success--Integrating Today's Technologies for Predictable Results," will be presented by Dr. Dawson, Culp, and other Dawson Academy Faculty, including Dr. John Cranham and Shannon Pace.

Jointly supported programming will be expanded in 2009 as the two organizations bring their message to regional locations throughout the United States and Canada.

For more information about the Dawson Academy, call (800) 952-2178 or visit Dawson Academy.

For more information about Henry Schein, call (800) 372-4346 or visit Henry Schein.

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