Dentists have opportunity to inspire patients

Feb. 5, 2008
Dentist trying to create a community of like-minded dental professionals who want to take fear and anxiety out of their patients.

GARDEN CITY, New York--When people think about ways to relax, revive and rejuvenate, they never consider a trip to the dentist.

But Long Island-based dentist Dr. Cary Ganz of the Dental Spa at Garden City is trying to combat this perception and create a community of like-minded dental professionals who want to take fear and anxiety out of their patients.

"In this day and age, there's no reason for anyone to say, 'I hate going to the dentist,'" said Ganz. "Not only have advances in dentistry all but eliminated pain and discomfort for patients, but dentists also have to realize that there are products and services that they should offer to their patients in order to create a sense of calm and well-being."

With this philosophy, Dr. Ganz has begun offering his peers a chance to become members of a dental community in which products, information and systems designed by Dr. Ganz can be used to promote a revolutionary way of thinking about dental visits.

The process and products that Ganz is currently promoting are called "The Sourire Experience." Sourire is the French word for "smile." With it, he aspires to create synergy between dentists across the United States.

The Sourire Experience features products specifically designed by a dedicated team of dentists and cosmetologists for use by unique and caring dental practices," said Ganz. "Each product specifically targets a moment in the dental visit, creating a system to make every minute of the dental visit enjoyable."

The process includes instruction on how to provide skin pleasing and anti-anxiety services to patients while performing dentistry on them. Participating dentists receive monthly discussion points from Ganz on a wide array of topics like "Changing the behavior of the difficult, anxious patient" and "How to increase referrals by giving patients something to really talk about."

They also have the option of selling the Sourire product line in their practice or online.

Ganz points out that the dentists will benefit from the process as well through an increase in referrals more productive appointments and a less stressed staff. Plus, by creating a community of dentists that use the Sourire Experience, patients that have either been introduced to it or would like to try it are more likely to seek out a dental professional that offers it.

"There are a multitude of benefits to be found in the Sourire Experience," said Ganz. "It's a technique for making a patient's next dental visit and every visit thereafter more relaxing, less stressful and something to look forward to rather than something to fear."

The concept of relaxing the patient is something Ganz has employed at the Dental Spa at Garden City for many years. His patients are treated to amenities like shoulder, neck and hand massages and eye or neck pillow. Along with the massage, a patient is also invited to surf the Net via the spa's high-speed Internet connections throughout the office and treatment rooms.

Patients can also take home a sampling from the Dental Spa Bakery, including homemade warm chocolate chip cookies, sensational muffins and biscotti. Ganz has even introduced Aroma Therapy throughout the office as another way of making a dental visit a new and unique experience.

"The Dental Spa at Garden City is not just a place to have a smile enhanced," said Ganz. "It's a place where our patients' total well being is our main concern."

For additional information, call (516) 741-1230 or visit Ganz Dental.